In the mean time, download a digital copy of one of these excellent resources provided by Steve Hays. These CDs sell for $10 each when Steve speaks in person, but have been made available for digital download for any donation you can afford. If you can afford more then $10, then you will be helping spread the message even further! If you are unable to afford $10, then we are happy that we’ve had the opportunity to put the message in your hands!

God Texts - Learn to hear Gods voice

God Texts Series

No relationship is better than its communication
God was meant to be heard
Learn how God talks

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God Texts - Jesus wants to be found

God Texts Series

We must find God's perspective to survive
Jesus was meant to be found
Come and find him

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SIN - A Few thoughts on Sin


A few thoughts on SIN that might actually surprise you, refresh you and even draw you closer to God

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What are you doing


Ever Ask God that question? What do you do when life doesn’t make sense? And what is God doing in His church today?

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